Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holly Jolly oh whatever...

Are we all prepared for the holidays?
I'm sure as heck not, no shopping, no stores ready and I definitely don't have any baking done! That's right Kris Kringle, no homemade cookies for you. That's alright, the only way he'd be getting in would be with him ending on a B&E charge anyway and I don't even want to see what he'd probably leave me as he's already promised me a kick in the shins or so I've heard ;)
What astonishes me is the amount of spending the majority of people do this time of year.
Gifts for kids whose memories of the wonderful things you've purchased them will fade faster than Snookie's orange tan if you threw her in the Hudson in January.
Food which will be gleefully demolished and then great remorse settles in as you realize the stretchy pants are not stretching to fit the load, and you trudge on over to the treadmill that whines in protest and sputters out smoke from it's overworked guts.
Decorations which some put up early, some wait until mid December and in some cases whose animals and children blissfully bust in a barrage of beatific bulbs.
Yes, I did say that, now I dare you to say it five times fast and out loud!
So many are counting down the days, traveling for some, hosting for others and even for some the hopeful end of the madness that usually joins the spirit of the spending season.
Will you be happily enjoying the holidays or hiding with dreaded fear in a darkened room waiting for the bills of spending present to come haunting you soon after the fallout of the holiday hubub?

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